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Faculty Profiles

Learn more about  DHA's faculty members by pursuing their faculty profile page. Individual pages provide information on their specialities and expertise, courses taught, their research as related to CDes's initiative areas, a list of selected scholarship (publications and exhibitions), leadership and service activities; and awards they may have received.

Faculty Profiles


Angell, William

Asojo, Abimbola (Abi)

Boyd Brent, James

Bruin, Marilyn (Lyn)

Bye, Elizabeth (Missy)

Chu, Sauman (Sue)

Crump, Jeff

DeLong, Marilyn

Dunne, Lucy

Grant, Ken

Griffin, Linsey

Hadjiyanni, Tasoulla

Hemmis, Patricia

Hendrickson, Meghan

Hokanson, Brad

Holschuh, Brad

Im, Hyunjoo

Jasper, Daniel

Johnson, Kim

Kim, Hye-Young

Kudrowitz, Barry

LaBat, Karen

Martin, Caren

Martinson, Barbara

McCarthy, Steven

Park, Eugene

Strange, Lindsey

Waldron, Carol

Wu, Juanjuan

Yurchisin, Jennifer

Yust, Becky

Ziebarth, Ann

Zollinger, Stephanie


Part-time Faculty (Spring 2017)

Arney, Michael

Carlson, Andrew

Fogg, Monica

Harder, Kathleen

Hickey, William

Ivers, Joseph

Johnson, Hannah

King, Lyndel

Krueger, Linda

Lawton, Debra

Malone, Alison

McElvain, Jean

Moran, William

Ott, Ron

Owens, John

Pliska, Justine

Reiley, Kathy

Thompson, Jaye

Trice, Fancy


Emeritus Faculty Profiles

Eicher, Joanne

Gahring, Sherri

Ginthner, Delores

Guerin, Denise

Williams, Gloria

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