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Faculty Profile: Barry Kudrowitz

Barry M. Kudrowitz, Ph.D.

Specialties & Expertise

  • Product Design
  • Creativity and Idea Generation
  • Concept Visualization
  • Design Education
  • Design Aesthetics
  • Toys and Play
  • Humor
  • Interactive Entertainment and User Experience

Course Titles (resident and outreach teaching)

Selected Scholarship

  • Kudrowitz, B., Te, P., & Wallace, D. (2012). The Influence of Sketch Quality on Perception of Product-Idea Creativity.  Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design and Manufacturing: Special Issue on Sketching. 26 (3), 267-279. 
  • Kudrowitz, B. & Wallace, D. (2012). Assessing the Quality of Ideas from Prolific, Early Stage Product Ideation. Journal of Engineering Design: Special Issue on Design Creativity. 24 (2), 120-139.
  • Ludden, G., Kudrowitz, B., Schifferstein, H., & Hekkert, P. (2012). Surprise and Humor in Product Design. Humor: The International Journal of Humor. 25(3).
  • Kudrowitz, B. & Wallace, D. (2010).  The Play Pyramid: A Play Classification and Ideation Tool for Toy Design. The Journal of Arts and Technology. 3 (1), 36-56.
  • Kudrowitz, B. (2013). How (some) board games can help us be (more) innovative. Insights Magazine. Innovation Learning Network. Vol 7, 12-16.


  • Goodwin Medal for Conspicuously Effective Teaching, MIT Institute Award, 2009.
  • Carl G. Sontheimer Prize for Creativity and Innovation in Design, MIT, 2010.
  • Department Service Award for Outstanding Service to the Mechanical Engineering Department, MIT, 2009.
  • Lemelson-MIT Student Prize Finalist, 2010.


Assistant Professor

Program Director, Product Design

Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel

37 Rapson Hall

89 Church St. SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455

(612) 624-1708



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